Famous Surf Breaks of Oahu

Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing. Long before it became part of the United States, wave riding was deeply integrated into the culture of the Hawaiians. Many of the islands in Hawaii have excellent surf, but Oahu (home to the state capital Honolulu) features some of the most famous breaks in the world. The island of Oahu contains many types of waves. The North Shore is famous for huge surf that arrives thanks to winter storms. In the months of November and December the surf world converges on the North Shore for a series of contents. The South Shore breaks, on the other hand, are much more approachable for beginning surfers. It also has a long history. The Olympic champion swimmer and ambassador of surfing Duke Kahanamoku was born and raised near Waikiki. Also on Waikiki, the author Jack London recorded his experience with learning how to surf.